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  • This Hot Guy Working Out With His Cat Is The Reason Instagram Exists

    An active pussy is a happy pussy. This is Canadian model and actor Travis Deslaurier. HELLO. Instagram: And here’s Travis with his BFF, Jacob the cat. Travis got Jacob as a kitten after going through a particularly rough time in his life. “I needed some type of unconditional love so I said to […]

  • This Giant Famous Argentinian Lizard Is Relatable AF

    Deep down, aren’t all of us are just hungry giant Argentinian lizards? This is MacGyver. He’s a three-year-old Argentine red tegu. His parents, who requested to be referred by just their first names, Scott and Ice, live in San Diego. Scott is a 34-year-old software developer, and Ice is a 38-year-old student. Instagram: @macgyverlizard The […]

  • People Are Loving This Sweet Photo Of A Girl And A Baby Gorilla

    Friends forever. A little girl named Braylee and a baby gorilla named Gus recently shared a sweet moment at the Fort Worth Zoo. It was captured in this viral photo. The photo, which shows Braylee and Gus lining up their hands and staring at each other, was shared on the Texas zoo’s Facebook. Fort Worth […]

  • This Farting, Corn-Eating Wombat Will Make You Say “Same”

    We are all this wombat. Meet Pete. Pete’s a hairy-nosed wombat from Australia. His favorite food is corn. BBC 2 / Via Pete recently made his debut on Natural World, BBC Two’s wildlife series, where he let out this truly impressive fart: Sound on. And then he just winks at the camera, like […]

  • This Paralyzed Kitten Has The Cutest Little Wheelchair Made Out Of Legos

    He’s really fast! Meet Mac N’ Cheez, a kitten who was found paralyzed but just got a speedy new wheelchair. “He was brought in in a mac and cheese box, and that’s how he got his name,” Dr. Ned Horowitz, the owner and medical director of the Massapequa Pet Vet, told BuzzFeed. The weeks-old kitten […]

  • This Man Quit His Job to Go Camping With His Husky

    Exploring the Terrain

    Henrik Vikse quit his job and started his own business, which meant that his schedule was much more open. Vikse has been using that time to his advantage and camping with his husky, Akiak, through their native Norway. The result? Stunning images of the Norwegian landscape featuring Akiak and a serious case of travel envy! […]

  • This guy gives free haircuts to shelter dogs

    This guy gives free haircuts to shelter dogs

    Older shelter dogs need to be loved and cared for just as much as puppies. Sadly, with age they become less attractive and remain invisible in the eyes of many. Mark Imhof, a professional dog groomer, decided to change this situation. He visits Animal Care Centers to give shelter dogs free haircuts so that they can finally find forever homes. It really works, because when something is lovely […]