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  • Animals

    Portraits of animals.

    The German photographer Stefan Kulpa and Manuela unusual hobby. They do not just take pictures of wildlife, and create real portraits of animals. source

  • horses

    Top 23 Horse Pictures Ever

    There are 25 pieces the type of horse. Hybrids not included into this number. Our visitors are interested to horse photographs. That’s why we chose great horse pictures for you. In the pictures below you can find a wide variety of horses. Let’s talk a little unknown features of the horses. For example, horses sleep standing. Did you […]

  • French bulldog with a cigar on the layout of the exhibition in Dortmund. (Photo by Ina Fassbender | Reuters)

    Dog fashion

    It is not uncommon on the streets of our cities can meet the dog, dressed in the latest fashion. What is a dog fashion? Many people want to pamper your dog, because she – also a family member. We like it when it looks good. This is the first destination of fashionable clothes for dogs […]

  • Dogs work

    Dogs work

    Among the four-legged friends of man dogs are considered to be the most loyal and faithful on the right. Regardless of their ancestry, lives there in the royal palaces and huts, the dog has always been a loyal friend of his master, to give him life, even if the circumstances so require. It is hardly […]

  • Dogs at work

    Dogs at work

    Dogs – not just our four-legged friends, but also excellent helpers. There are rescue dogs, there are guides of fire, there is a dog-athletes, and even doctors dog ( Canis therapy ). Today, in the lens will be a dog at work.

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